Vegan Cookbooks Receive Two of Top Three Awards

Living Now Book Award MedalToday I was exceptionally excited to learn that The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Natural Cooking Category of the 2011 Living Now Book Awards. Another vegan cookbook, Benessere Well-Being: Vegan & Sugar-Free Eating For a Healthy Life-Style by Laurinda Erasmus, received the gold.

Groovah. Vegan cookbooks rockin’ the top three.

I owe another huge thanks to all the recipe reviewers and people mentioned in the acknowledgments who provided inspiration, including Global Vegan Waffle Party hosts. The book was a ton of work, and your additional energy helped it over the finish line.

Joining Forces on Earth Day 2011: Pumping (Waffle) Iron & Pumping Up Vegan Books

working the waffle iron & 12" iron pancake skillet
working the waffle iron & 12" iron pancake skillet

All right, so I’m not as “ripped” as serious vegan bodybuilders. I accept that. However, I still keep myself in decent shape by running and pumping iron regularly. Oh, and there’s that plant-based diet thing.

The Global Vegan Waffle Party recognizes the links between kindness, health, and ecological sustainability, all of which vegan practices help to address. As we’ve emphasized through prior years’ themes, certain aspects of our consumption practices, such as our use of other animals, are often understated in the environmental equation.