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WaffleParty.com shares an abundance of mouthwatering vegan waffle recipes, waffle topping recipes, expert vegan waffle baking tips, and tips for hosting events. The world’s longest-running waffle party is a celebration of conscious and connective eating.

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We strive to create a friendlier, healthier, more connected, and more sustainable world while having delicious fun. We do this by:

We continue this tradition for several reasons. Credit for spreading the word goes to other individuals and organizations who have also hosted events. I continue to have fun with annual home parties, and I really love hearing about others’ events!

Check out some of the groovy highlights and photos from past gatherings.

How This Site Came to Be

The author, Dave, has been hosting and co-hosting waffle parties annually since 1998. It all started in a small apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, with his good friend and former partner, Jen. The hosts provided freshly baked waffles and several toppings, and guests brought an array of additional toppings.

Most of the recipes on this site are vegan. Following a stint in public health work and his father’s having multiple bypass heart surgery, Dave became more aware of the connections between eating and various health, environmental, and social issues.

The parties eventually became vegan; and following the establishment of WaffleParty.com, hosts in other cities also began to throw events. Thanks to their dedication and participation, The Global Vegan Waffle Party was born. Observing a need for many more dairy-free, egg-free recipes, Dave also created The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. It includes many of the delicious treats on this site.

Dave backpacking
I knew there was room in this backpack for a waffle iron!

About the Author

Dave uses the term “mostly plant based” to describe himself. He believes that if we significantly reduced our collective animal product consumption, it would have many positive impacts. He currently resides in Portland, OR, and would be very excited to hear if you’re hosting a waffle party, too.

Dave the Waffle Baker headshot

Dave manages a strategic life consulting practice for individuals who wish to gain more clarity and direction. He composes music, has facilitated workshops at Vegetarian Summerfest, and is an award-winning author of several books geared toward creating a better world:

Favorite Vegan Waffle Recipes

It’s hard to name just one, but here are a few of Dave’s faves:

Resources for Baking Vegan Waffles

Check out these posts for a few tips and tricks available on this site:

Resources for Hosting Waffle Parties


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