Global Vegan Waffle Party Video, & $50,000 from Cookbook Sales for a Vegan Cause

January 8, 2011

Last year I was incredibly excited by the photo submissions I got from vegan parties around the world. Seeing and hearing about the vegan waffles, the recipes and toppings, the smiling faces, and so on, was great  fun.

I’ve put together a short video, showcasing your positive energy to inspire others. It also shows off some of the faces and food from our own past parties. (I was even talked into including my own picture a few times.) Please start to share this via your online networks, to help us reach more people and create more positive change. If you’re talented at helping things go viral, or know someone who is, now’s your chance to make a huge difference! I’d also love to hear your comments about the video.

There’s a mention of “$50,000.00 for a vegan cause” near the end. If The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook sells at least 25,000 paperback copies by the end of May 2012 (basically, two Global Vegan Waffle Parties from now),  we will contribute $50,000 to one or more vegan causes.

This includes new books ordered through any online retailer or bookstore special order, including any ordered prior to the official 2/5/11 publication date. And if it doesn’t sell that many, we’ll still donate $1 per book sold over that same period–still a nice percentage of our profits. (By the way, we’re not financially wealthy; this is just something I really want to do, as a way of expanding some of the wonderful energy I’ve experienced through this work. 🙂 )

We haven’t yet worked out pricing and availability for electronic versions, but if we’re able to include those, I’ll mention that on the cookbook page. As for the specific cause(s) we plan to support, we’ll be determining that over the next few weeks. If you have any strong thoughts on this, feel free to comment or send your ideas via the contact page.

Finally, if you know of someone who may be willing to match the $50,000 if we reach that goal, for a total of $100,000.00, please send them my way. That would enable us to have even greater impact.

As mentioned in the video, “Energy is shifting.” It definitely is. But it will take all of us together to keep the momentum building.

4 thoughts on “Global Vegan Waffle Party Video, & $50,000 from Cookbook Sales for a Vegan Cause”

  1. Thanks, John, and best wishes with your music! I’d be happy to share anything I can when we see you at this year’s waffle party. 🙂

  2. Aw Dave, you are amazing! Your book looks wonderful too. I just love it. I’m going to trial a recipe this week … and I’ll see what I can do to help spread the word! Going to tweet this now 🙂

  3. Alisa, Hope all’s well over at GoDairyFree! Glad you received it, and I’m excited to hear which recipe you try.

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