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gluten-free vegan chocolate waffle birthday cake, view from above

Vegan Waffle Party 2023 Highlights and Photos

I celebrated my birthday with wonderful people atop a forest-covered extinct volcano, enjoying fun conversation and connection. Much gratitude to Megan and everyone who attended for helping to make it
vegan waffle topped with walnuts, fruit jam, chocolate chips, blueberries, baked apples, and chocolate syrup

Vegan Waffle Party 2022 Highlights and Photos

This year, both rain and covid threatened to thwart our vegan waffle party plans, but we allowed neither to stand in our way. Vegan waffles for the win! We kept
vegan waffle party host Mimi Torres with bicycles

Featured Vegan Waffle Party Host: Mimi Torres

Today, I’m excited to introduce to you vegan waffle party host Mimi Torres. Mimi is passionate about vegan waffles, spreading joy and veganism, the environment, and my own favorite way
please refrain from boasting about waffle parties

The Severance Waffle Party: The Review You’ve Been Requesting

I don’t usually watch that much television, but once in a while I allow myself to get sucked in. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been drawn into the fascinating and bizarre

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