A Vegan Waffle Cookbook? Seeking Your Vote

Having hosted waffle parties for a decade, I’ve now been asked several times whether I’m ever going to put together a vegan waffle cookbook. It is something I’ve been seriously considering, especially given the fun I’ve had creating and sharing some recipes on this site. The idea of egg-free and dairy-free baking still perplexes many people, despite a number of excellent vegan cookbooks already available. There’s still much education and awareness to be spread!

Because such a project takes much more time and energy than occasional blog postings, I’m trying to determine how much demand there may be for such a resource.

If you’re interested enough in vegan waffles and waffle parties to consider purchasing such a product, please let me know by signing up for the WaffleParty.com Update List at the upper right hand side of this site. Be sure to check the “book plans and release” box. I’d appreciate your passing this along to any friends who might be interested, and asking them to take a few seconds to sign up as well. If I get several hundred signups in the weeks ahead, then I’ll know it may be worth bringing into the world. And you’ll be among the first to know if this happens. Many thanks!

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