Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook Giveaway: What is Your Favorite Vegan Waffle Recipe, and Why?

What is your currently favorite vegan waffle recipe, from *any* book/source/author, and why? Just reply to this post on or comment on the corresponding share on Vegan Waffles Facebook by 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5) on 3/5/11. (Reply must include an answer.) For two chances, reply to both.

By 3/7/11 I’ll select a respondent for a hard copy of The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. GVWC mentions give me a warm fuzzy, but receive no special preference.


  1. celine says:

    my favorite is a veganized recipe for a hazelnut meal-based waffle, taken from a Swiss cookbook I don’t even remember the name of. it’s the one my mom used to make when I was younger, and therefore it pairs great flavor with lovely memories.

  2. Alexandra Bishop says:

    I’ve never made vegan waffles but I hope that I win so that I can try out some fab recipes!

  3. WaffleAdmin says:

    Congrats to Tamasin Noyes on winning a copy of the GVWC! (You can also thank the random number generator at I’ll be in touch individually to get your preferred mailing info. Stay tuned for additional giveaways.

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