Vegan Waffle Party 2019 Highlights and Photos

May 9, 2020

I’m excited to be posting about the 2019 vegan waffle party. Read on for colorful photos of delicious vegan waffles and mouth-watering descriptions. I also revisit some helpful pointers for hosting your own waffle party. Life has been unusual over the last year, so I’ve gotten behind on some things. But better late than never.

The Portland waffle party celebrated several different things. Megan returned to school after many years to complete her college degree, and is now working on a graduate counseling degree. Congratulations, Megan! So we celebrated that, as well as tasty vegan waffles, awesome people, conversation, and snuggling outdoors in the backyard.

vegan waffle with graduation cap
vegan waffle with graduation cap for waffle party 2019 invitation

We were also excited to hear that Mimi in Berkeley, CA was hosting an 11th annual vegan waffle party last year. Congratulations!

I know that many of you are here for the mouth-watering photos of delicious vegan waffles and toppings, so we’ll jump into that. But first, I want to reiterate a few helpful waffle party tips, especially for those of you who have never thrown a waffle party. (At the moment, gatherings aren’t possible in many places due to the pandemic. You can host a small party just with those in your household, or still treat yourself to waffles if you’re living alone. If you make some delicious vegan waffles, feel free to share them.)

Before the waffle party begins, it’s vital to make sure that the waffle makers are cleaned and ready to go. Here they are side by side, so I can easily bake two waffles at a time. The batter bowl is just to the left of the irons, and the serving plate I pile the baked waffles onto is just behind the irons. Guests can grab waffle pieces off the plate before moving over to the waffle topping bar. This arrangement keeps all essential waffle baking items within easy reach.

waffle makers side by side for vegan waffle party
waffle makers side by side for vegan waffle party

As I mention in The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook and in Tips for Throwing Large Waffle Parties, I usually measure out and mix the wet (into jars) and dry (into bowls) waffle batter ingredients separately before the party. I do this for several batches, so I can quickly and easily create a new batch of batter simply by dumping the wet ingredients into the dry and stirring. Flaxseed, if needed, is also kept separate until mixing time.

With this system, it’s not a big deal if I don’t use all the batter for the event. The wet ingredients will keep in the refrigerator for a few days, and the dry ingredients will keep in a sealed bowl or bag indefinitely.

If it’s a big party, I may put a double batch of ingredients into each bowl and its respective jar.

waffle makers with pre-mixed dry vegan waffle batter
waffle makers with pre-mixed dry and wet vegan waffle batter portions

Now onto the waffles. As always, there were many tasty waffle toppings, resulting in many beautiful culinary creations. I like this one because it has a minimalist feel to it. Lots of space, lots of possibilities.

vegan gluten free waffle with coconut cream and raspberries
vegan gluten-free waffle with coconut cream and raspberries

Here’s a waffle topping that shows up in some of the later photos. It was quite delicious!

Nutella-ish vegan waffle topping at the waffle bar
Nutella-ish vegan waffle topping at the waffle bar

These two vegan waffle quarters are arranged like a bowtie, with a pecan tying them together. I’ll bet the flavors of the Nutella-ish topping and applesauce blended nicely.

vegan gluten-free waffles with pecans and chocolate
vegan gluten-free waffles with pecans, chocolate, and applesauce

Blackberries are quite abundant here in Oregon, so you have to invite them to the party. Here, each waffle quarter is its own treat. To be honest, though, I think the double chocolate one, with both chocolate syrup and chocolate chips, excites me the most.

vegan gluten-free waffles with blackberries
vegan gluten-free waffles with blackberries

This next waffle arrangement is quite artistic. Note the even distribution of the three waffle quarters in a radial fashion, contrasted against a playfully chaotic drizzling of dark chocolate waffle syrup, and topped with a colorful melange of flavorful tidbits.

vegan waffles with toppings and chocolate drizzle
vegan waffles with nuts, berries, applesauce, and chocolate drizzle

Ooooohhh. Look at how the dark chocolate syrup glistens in this vegan waffle photo. I’ll bet that blended quite nicely with the sweet-tart applesauce and raspberry. It’s like a whole meal–main course with the homemade hummus and vegan walnut-lentil pate , followed by the intermezzo waffle quarter with good old maple syrup, and wrapped up with the fruity chocolate dessert quarter.

vegan waffles with waffle bar toppings: chocolate syrup, raspberry, hummus
vegan waffles with waffle bar toppings: chocolate syrup, raspberry, hummus, vegan pate

I’d love to have this waffle right now, too. I love how the sweet and spicy glazed pecans show up in this photo. While a guest was caramelizing them in the iron skillet, the scent accompanied the aroma of baking waffles quite nicely.

vegan waffles with waffle bar toppings: pecans, cherry, chocolate
vegan waffles with waffle bar toppings: pecans, cherry, chocolate

I got excited about chocolate earlier. Here’s an even more delicious cocoa closeup, blending chocolate with coconut cream atop a tasty, crispy vegan waffle.

Ehrmergersh! Derble cherclert alert!

vegan waffles for chocolate lovers at waffle party
vegan waffles for chocolate lovers at waffle party

I’m impressed that this last little piece of waffle is standing upright, given the height of the toppings. It looks like a little berry person with a chocolate chip hat–a hat that magically creates dark chocolate syrup.

Below is a photo gallery of more delicious waffles with mouth-watering toppings from Vegan Waffle Party 12.

As always, we welcome you to join us by hosting a party, whether it includes two people or twenty. Some of the waffle party highlights from prior years include ideas for toppings, along with inspiring vegan waffle and topping photos. The waffle party ideas and tips posts will provide additional ideas.

We have plenty of vegan waffle recipes and useful vegan waffle baking tips. And, of course, sign up for updates in case there’s any important waffle party news.

Happy vegan waffling!

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