Vegan Waffle Party 2020 Highlights and Photos

December 28, 2020

We had a small but enjoyable “Goodbye 2020” Vegan Waffle Party. Our waffles symbolized some of the emotions and events of this year, with some dark humor sprinkled in. You’re welcome to join us virtually, as described below.

vegan waffle nuts chocolate chips fruit
vegan waffle with nuts, chocolate chips, and fruit

“This has been such a crazy year,” I’ve heard roughly 12,329 times. When asked how I’m doing, my most common response has become, “I’m just grateful to be able to breathe.” I’m not in a hospital with a covid respirator, I’m not choking on wildfire smoke, I don’t have someone brutally kneeling on my neck, and I’m not being teargassed. I’m sure I’m leaving out many other possibilities as well.

Whew. Big exhale.

Before moving on, I’d like to pause a moment to recognize all the brave efforts that people displayed on various levels this year, amidst the challenges.

Only time will tell whether we learned some lasting lessons from this year’s events. Because this year gave us a lot to consider. That being said, I’m glad to be alive to bid farewell to 2020 and welcome 2021. To recognize the transition, we threw a small covid-style vegan waffle party with the three members of our household.

I had some ripe bananas to use up, so I whipped up some doubly bananalicious gluten-free vegan waffles. If you’re craving waffles, check out some vegan waffle recipes and useful vegan waffle baking tips.

vegan waffle blueberries maple syrup 1
vegan waffle with blueberries and maple syrup

I missed having a larger event this year, but invite you to join us virtually. If you throw a vegan waffle party to ring out the old year and/or ring in the new one, please post photos of your delicious vegan waffles and toppings on the Vegan Waffles Facebook page.

Below are more photos from our waffle party, with descriptions of what the topping arrangements symbolize. We were using up some frozen fruit, which isn’t quite as photogenic as fresh fruit, but still delicious.

On this vegan waffle, the mixed nuts and bananas represent some of the unbelievably chaotic events that happened this year. The mango and strawberry represent our “inner flame” or desire to keep striving, learning, and creating a better world. The chocolate chips are there just because, well, chocolate is yummers.

vegan waffle bananas strawberries mango nuts
vegan waffle with bananas, strawberries, mango, and nuts
gluten free vegan waffle juicy mango banana
gluten-free vegan waffle with juicy mango and banana

This vegan waffle uses its chocolate chips for a purpose. The “X” symbolizes crossing 2020 off the calendar as we move into 2021, putting time behind us while carrying any new insights forward.

gluten free vegan waffle mango chocolate strawberry banana
gluten-free vegan waffle with mango, chocolate, strawberry, and banana

The bananas symbolize eyes looking forward to the future. If you really use your imagination, you can see a face wearing a covid mask made of mango. It’s not wearing its mask properly, though, because the strawberry nose is sticking out above it.

gluten free vegan waffle chocolate chips banana
gluten-free vegan waffle with chocolate chips and banana

On this decadent vegan waffle, the blueberries in their own squares represent people separated by pandemic precautions. The blueberries clustered in nut butter symbolize people maintaining connection in creative ways.

vegan waffle blueberries maple syrup 2
vegan waffle with blueberries, peanut butter, mango, and lots of maple syrup

The generous drizzling of maple syrup signifies drowning one’s sorrows and anxiety through baking and eating tasty vegan waffles. Because sometimes that’s okay, too.

vegan waffle maple syrup drizzling
vegan waffle with maple syrup drizzling onto it

This vegan waffle is “totally forked,” like parts of 2020.

banana gluten free vegan waffle with forks
very forked vegan waffle

Finally, here’s a baby Yoda snowflake that Megan made recently. Watching us as we ate waffles he was. Because sometimes you also need a little baby Yoda to help you get through the year.

baby yoda watching vegan waffle party
baby Yoda snowflake watching the vegan waffle party

To keep abreast of any future important waffle party news, sign up for updates and like the Vegan Waffles Facebook page.

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