Applying a Vegan Waffle Party Approach to Other Food Events: Your Input

October 14, 2010

A few vegan waffle party guests and hosts have asked whether we’ve considered catalyzing other types of vegan food parties. This might include, for example, a Global Vegan Ice Cream Party, where guests bring a range of toppings for store-bought or homemade ice creams. Because of this, a few months back I sought input on whether you’d like to see one or more additional types of global vegan food parties, and if so, which type(s) you’d be most likely to participate in. But worry not; certainly isn’t going anywhere…

A small but enthusiastic group of individuals (16) completed all or part of the survey. Of those, 6 said you’d like to see similar vegan food events alongside the Global Vegan Waffle Party, 8 noted “maybe” or didn’t respond, and 2 replied “no.” Of the ideas listed on the survey, the most popular were  vegan pancakes, cupcakes, and ice cream. Vegan pizza parties also got a bit of attention. Other great suggestions included vegan sausage parties, vegan brownie parties, and parties related to more of an event type than a particular food type (vegan barbecue parties and vegan brunch parties).

Overall, our impression is that the volume of interest in this type of expansion (and thus necessary people-power to make it happen) is still relatively small. Because of that, and because the Global Vegan Waffle Party is still a pretty new concept that appears to have promise and additional possibilities, we believe we can have a greater positive impact by focusing primarily upon vegan waffles for now–with your help and energy, of course! We’ll see where we’re at after this coming spring’s events, and then decide what  may make sense to add next. I’ve also been hard at work on an information resource that I’m hoping many of you will find helpful–much more on that in upcoming months.

At least two of the concepts mentioned–vegan ice cream and vegan pancakes–already blend very well with the vegan waffle party concept. Perhaps next spring will see some vegan waffles ‘n’ ice cream parties, and more people without waffle irons will join in and have vegan pancake parties. It will be very exciting to see. Whatever the case, ease of guest contribution/participation will continue to be key–i.e., the option to bring something very simple for those who are less familiar with vegan food preparation.

Thanks again to those of you who provided feedback!

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