How to Throw a Successful Vegan Waffle Party: Hosts Share Their Wisdom

Vegan Waffle Party 2010Earlier this year we posted a few brief surveys to gather important input on vegan waffle parties. In the first, we asked about the types of experiences Global Vegan Waffle Party hosts had had, including lessons learned, so that future events could be even more successful.

Roughly 15% of hosts responded to the first survey, and the feedback was quite valuable. The majority hosted events in their homes (vs. businesses or other organizations), and estimated number of guests averaged 14 and ranged from 2 to 25. All responded that they would probably or definitely host a party again.

Hosts provided the following advice for others throwing their first vegan waffle party. Many are paraphrased from the original wording:

  • Test the vegan waffle recipe(s) you plan to use, as well as the iron, ahead of time. (Several hosts suggested this.)
  • Make it fun and non-threatening; some people are freaked out by the word “vegan.”
  • Organizing, preparation, and planning go a long way. (A few suggestions were along these lines.)
  • Use an online invitation format (Evite, EventBrite, Punchbowl, Meetup, etc.) so people can see what toppings others are already bringing.
  • Prepare a batch of waffles ahead of time that can be warmed in the oven if having a large group.
  • It definitely helps to borrow a second waffle iron.
  • If you’re providing the toppings, offer a variety of toppings.
  • Allow guests to bring the toppings because “guests love involvement and it makes things exciting and participatory.”
  • Remind guests about the event a day or two before the party.
  • If your event attracts a “complainer,” focus on the 99% of guests who are having a great time.
  • It may take time to build up a base of attendees who are excited about the concept.
  • Just have fun!

Many thanks for your feedback, and I hope that both new and veteran hosts find this information useful.

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