Join the world’s first multi-city vegan waffle party 5/24/08

February 24, 2008

Vegan waffle parties are off the grid! It is time to get the word out to the world. This will happen only with your action and creativity–and your willingness to join us in having a great time.

We’re hosting Waffle Party 10 here in Pittsburgh on the afternoon/evening of Saturday, May 24, 2008. We think it would be ultra-ultra-cool if adventurous people in several other cities around the globe also threw vegan waffle parties on 5/24. This would promote more sustainable, healthier, compassionate eating in a fun way! Please comment on this post if you’re interested in hosting one, so we have an idea of how many others will be waffle-partying that day. Whether you’re hosting 50 people for a big evening party or five people for a small brunch, we’d love to know.

This also happens to fall right at the end of the UK’s National Vegetarian Week, and according to some organizations/sites, World Vegetarian Week.

I’ve set up a blogroll category for sites of those who are also planning to host waffle parties on 5/24, and may look into something like having info/pics from the parties posted afterwards–I don’t know if this latter piece will happen, but I’ll let you know if it looks like a possibility. (Privacy of guests is always a consideration for us.) If it’s not okay to contact you with any relevant updates using the email you submit with your comment, just let me know. I anticipate only a few, with most major ones being through site postings.

25 thoughts on “Join the world’s first multi-city vegan waffle party 5/24/08”

  1. Hey, I’m interested! I think I’ll be able to throw a party on the smaller side, but it’ll be fun and vegantastic. Once I’m pretty sure I can also blog about it, at least.

    I never really get “pride” parades… I know we are happy with what we want to do and want to share it, but i’m not so big on the “pride” part I guess.. hahaha.

  2. Mandy,
    That’s great! Definitely let me know, whether it’s three people or thirty people. I’ll be updating the blogroll in the near future so other people know to check it out. I look forward to hearing what recipe(s) you end up using, what the most creative toppings are, etc.

  3. Count me in! I am usually living in Belgium but will be back in San Francisco for Vegan Waffle Party time. The waffle maker is ready to go as is my recipe. Since i just came across your website and decided this moment i will have the party, i must now start inviting people to come! Considering i’m known as a great baker, I expect i’ll have quite a few guests! I’ll keep you updated.
    Thanks for the great idea.

  4. That’s great! I look forward to hearing how it goes. If you often live in Belgium, I suspect you’ve learned quite a bit about waffles.

  5. Hello,

    This is aaron baxter from the House of Pain Vegan Wafflerie in Montreal. Their will definitely be some organizing around this brilliant crispy deliciousness. With nearly two months to prepare I bet its magnitude will snowball quickly.

  6. Aaron,
    I’m excited to hear this! So you actually run a vegan wafflerie. Very cool. I love the name–do you use hot pepper in your waffles? If you have a website or blog, please let me know so I can post it.

  7. Definitely interested in a Waffle Party in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Will make it happen. A fantastic idea!! Am I missing a list of cities involved somewhere on this page?

  8. Brianne,
    I’m glad to hear we’ll have someone from the home of the International Festival of Buskers!
    I’ll add you to the list of “Hosts of Multi-City Vegan Waffle Parties” links at the upper right. Perhaps I’ll add the cities (at least for those I know) in parentheses to make it easier to identify.

  9. three days until the party! I have a friend coming in from Boston for the party…and i live in Belgium!
    Obviously i’ll be making belgian waffles. I’ll change it up a bit with fresh blended fruit for a syrup but will still have pure Vermont maple syrup on hand. Oops. I just looked at my maple syrup and it comes from Canada.
    Have fun everyone!
    :(vegan) Peanut from Belgium

  10. Peanut,
    That’s great! Thanks for the update. Boston to Belgium–now that’s a REAL waffle devotee. (Of course, I’m assuming you’re also part of the reason for the visit. 🙂 ) Perhaps one of the Canadians on the host list has Vermont syrup!
    On this side of the world, we’ve got a little house cleaning and shopping to do, as it looks like we’re expecting b/t 40 and 50, arriving in roughly 2 shifts. I look forward to posting on favorite toppings, and also hearing about what others are doing/did for their parties, large or small!

  11. Christine,

    Your message almost made me fall off my chair–your business is certainly a rare one! I’m glad to hear it exists. I’ll certainly add you to the list, and I look very forward to hearing the highlights! Looks like you’re representing the midwestern U.S.!

  12. Karen,
    What a great coincidence! I’ll add a link to your blog so others can check it out. I love the “Crazy Dog Lady” name, and I hope this month’s brunch is extra exciting due to the waffles. 🙂

  13. That is crazy! Every month I host a vegan brunch in DC and this month we just HAPPEN to be having waffles and HAPPEN to be doing it on 5.24.

    Crazy! I will put pictures up on my blog!

  14. Hi,
    I can’t host a party, but the kids (ages 6&8) and I will be enjoying some crazy good waffles with ya’ll on 5/24!

    I’ll send in a pic! GO VEGANS!!

  15. I sure wish I could join you in Halifax, Brianne! but I will be stuck in Wolfville! What time is this party set to happen? I may be able to come if it is earlier in the day!

    -Ryan 🙂

  16. hi
    This is my last attempt at posting…i did have the waffle party with vegan belgian waffles and they were excellent!
    Thanks again. Photos and report are on my blog.

  17. OK> I just figured out my few other posts weren’t working because i was listing my blog address. oops.
    Hope all of your parties were exceptionally tasty and fun! See you next year.

  18. Crazy Dog Lady,

    That is indeed a crazy-and delicious-looking waffle. Love the sign, too!

    Peanut, I plan to try your pearl sugar recipe, as we’ve got a box of it that I’ve been eager to use. Thanks for posting that! Although I’ve experimented with a few Liege-style recipes, I haven’t settled on one I’m totally happy with yet. (I agree, with the amount of Earth Balance/margarine that style of waffle takes, it’s good to take a break between them! I hope you’ve come out of your waffle-couch coma.) It’s truly an honor to know that we had an authentic Belgian waffle party as part of the celebration.

    Because we had quite an action-packed weekend I haven’t had time to put together a full post yet, but I’ll be sharing some details and pics on the Pittsburgh party later this week. I look forward to hearing how other parties went as well.


  19. Hi dave:
    By the way, I gave the leftovers to regular street waffle-eating belgian relatives here and they all agreed that they were exactly like the street waffle style but much more tasty! They didn’t know they were vegan when they first tried them. Looking forward to your photos and report of the pittsburgh party.

  20. Hi, Elaine. It looks and sounds like the diner-style pancakes were delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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