Featured Vegan Waffle Party Host: Dallas Rising

Today we profile vegan waffle party host Dallas Rising.

Dallas Rising

As mentioned, alongside seeing the creativity others have used to throw a vegan waffle party, it’s fun to learn more about the hosts.  Perhaps it will inspire you to host a waffle party!

A social change agent on several levels, Dallas has catalyzed a Twin Cities vegan waffle party for several years now, and has provided many wonderful party photos. This includes some incredibly cute pics of kids eating vegan waffles that have helped to promote the event. And I have a strong hunch that her family members in the photo also enjoy eating vegan waffles!

Your city (and organization/business/website associated with your events, if relevant):

Minneapolis, MN Animal Rights Coalition

When did you host your first waffle party, and how many have you hosted?

I believe this will be our 5th year hosting the Twin Cities’ Vegan Waffle Party.

How does hosting waffle parties fit in with your personal mission?

This isn’t just any waffle party. This is a VEGAN waffle party. And showing people that eating vegan food can be easy and delicious helps remove barriers that folks may otherwise have about going vegan. Ultimately, I want people to go vegan to help end violence to animals, but if what helps someone consider that step is showing them that a vegan future can still have amazing brunches in it, I’m happy to help.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced or witnessed at a waffle party you’ve hosted?

The inter-generational exchanges are pretty awesome. I also love the bonding and teamwork the volunteers who put it on experience.

What causes and activities are you most passionate about? (Includes both serious and fun.)

Animal liberation is my number one passion. I’m also a mom to two dogs whom I will brag about all day if you let me. And I absolutely love Muay Thai and train in this martial art five times per week.

Tell me a bit about your favorite social cause or organization. It may or may not be at all related to your waffle party involvement. How are you involved, and what are the one or two biggest things you wish more people understood about it? Where can people go to get more information?

I’m really proud of the Animal Rights Coalition, of which I am Executive Director. We’re the oldest grassroots animal rights group in the country and we have remained local and consistent in our message. We’re committed to fighting speciesism in all forms and have a variety of programs and campaigns to that end.

We wish more people understood that veganism is not the same thing as a plant-based diet. That veganism is a moral stance, not a lifestyle, and that most people aren’t scared off by that concept when it’s explained to them in a sensitive and straightforward manner.

Anything else you’d like people to know about you, that I haven’t asked about here?

Nope, that’s good enough for me. 🙂

Thanks! And I may also be in touch to get some tips on my workout routine. After I’m done carbing up with a stack of vegan waffles. 🙂

Note: Part of WaffleParty.com’s purpose is to inspire awareness of complex social issues. As such, different opinions and approaches are sometimes represented. A given host’s specific opinions and endorsements may or may not reflect the viewpoints of the site’s author, or those of other hosts represented here. This is totally cool. Feel free to add your own comments if you wish. I unabashedly recommend my book Naked Idealism or Hillary Rettig’s Lifelong Activist for additional ideas on dialogue within change-oriented communities.

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