Meet Dylan, SpokesCow for Global Vegan Waffle Party IV

May 1, 2011
Global Vegan Waffle Party SpokesCow Dylan
Dylan, GVWC 2011 SpokesCow (courtesy Woodstock FAS)

We wanted to add a face to the important issues that our celebration seeks to address, including the treatment of animals in the dairy, egg, and meat industries, and the connections between these industries that are not yet common public knowledge.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has kindly allowed one of their residents, Dylan, to serve as this year’s official SpokesCow.

Dylan’s story meshes particularly well with this year’s optional theme of Vegan Waffles, Ice Cream, and Sorbet. It conveys some of the common linkages between dairy and meat production. Dylan was taken from his mother, a dairy cow kept pregnant to sustain milk production, at only 3 days old to be confined and killed for his flesh. Most are not fortunate enough to be rescued as he was.

We’ve put together two one-page flyers for you to utilize at your event, if you find them helpful:

  • The first describes Dylan’s story, connects it to our celebration, and refers the reader to any other informational or contribution-related resources you have displayed.
  • The second includes more detailed information on Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, for hosts who wish to support or promote this specific organization.

WFAS and Dylan have generously lent their names without any specific expectations in return, as hosts are free to support whatever charity they wish, if any. Whatever the case, Dylan’s story is certainly not unique, and will hopefully add an educational component to some of your events.

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