Hot Chocolate Molasses Vegan Waffles

February 11, 2009

While perfect for Valentine’s Day, these vegan waffles are great anytime. Dark, sweet chocolate and spice warm up the taste buds. These moist and cakelike treats can follow dinner, or you might serve them to that special someone for a desserty breakfast or brunch in bed.

These are a special treat just for signing up for the news/updates list – because you have an extra-special place in my heart. 🙂  Look for it in the text of the automated final confirmation email, and enjoy the recipes already on this site.

Or, you can find this recipe in either The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook or Vegan Chocolate Seduction.

If you’re already on the email list and want a copy, send a quick message stating “I want my Hot Chocolate Molasses Waffles!” and I will get right on it.


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