Feast of Tofumet Virtual Vegan Waffle Party

November 23, 2021

Tofumet, the one-horned pre-Yule goblin, gets a vote on who goes on the “naughty” and “nice” lists. Tofumet also realizes that you’re among those who know the secrets of delicious and irresistible vegan waffles. They expect a small offering in return for your fate.

How to Participate & Get on the “Nice” List

Bake some vegan waffles anytime the week before Tofumet finalizes their lists (December 5 this year). It can be just for yourself, or for you and others.

Leave at least one bite of your waffle sitting out overnight for Tofumet. If you want to play it safe, include some vegan topping(s) on it.

If you wish, post one or more photos of your delicious vegan waffle(s) on the Facebook Event or Vegan Waffles page. If you’re especially concerned about Tofumet, include a photo of the bite you’re leaving them, too. Sometimes Tofumet checks Facebook when trying to decide whether you should be on their naughty list.

If your waffle bite still physically appears to be there in the morning, no worries. Tofumet just absorbs some of the love and energetic vibrations from it. This can apparently still happen even if you leave it under glass to keep your cat or dog at bay.

Note: Because this site and the Facebook page are for people who like vegan waffles, photos with non-plant-based items may be hidden or removed. Thanks for your understanding.

If you need ideas for hosting a waffle party or smaller gathering, check out the Waffle Party Ideas and Tips section.

Also, enjoy this fun poem I created for the occasion:

Vegan Waffles for Tofumet

We’re nearing the time when hungry Tofumet is near.
But do the right thing, and you have nothing to fear.
Just bake some vegan waffles and leave them a bite
Before you go to bed, and you can sleep tight.

Do this during the week before Tofumet’s day
So that they will spare you and go on their way.
But should you fail to bake, or leave them with none,
Then Tofumet will frown, and thus ends the fun.

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