Vegan Topping Recipes–General Ideas, Preparation Required

For some of the vegan waffle toppings below, see the lists of weblinks for vegetarian/vegan recipe websites and vegetarian/vegan cookbooks on this site.

  • Homemade vegan ice cream makes an excellent waffle topping! A few sources for this include Agnes L.’s vegan ice cream recipe blog , and Jeff Rogers’ exciting Vice Cream vegan ice cream cookbook . We picked up a small ice cream maker from a neighborhood moving sale, and went to town. Even though we have 5 ice cream shops within a mile of our house, I prefer to make the cashew-based ice creams–the 2008 waffle party will likely feature a dark chocolate/peanut butter combo.
  • Vegan cheese alternatives, as found in The Uncheese Cookbook–my favorites there include the relatively easy-to-make “Parmezano” powder as well as the more complex but excellent-tasting “crock cheeze.”.

  • Homemade vegan whipped cream alternatives

  • Homemade chocolate syrups (I use a recipe that combines cocoa powder, sugar, soymilk, Earth Balance, and vanilla, and sometimes add amaretto, mint, or other flavorings)

  • Bean-based dishes

  • Homemade hummus (there are a ton of recipes on the internet for this–it’s fairly easy to make in a blender) and other bean-based dips


  1. K says:

    Hiya guys!

    I just found this on …. I’ve read so many maple syrup ideas on this site that I figured this info may be rather important …. (sorry to all you ms lovers out there!) :

    Maple syrup – Maple syrup requires an agent to reduce the foam on the syrup. This is done by adding a small amount of fat to the liquid. Vegetable oil is a common defoaming agent, but lard, milk, cream, butter or a defoamer containing monoglycerides and diglycerides from either animal or vegetable sources can be used.

    Great luck with the veganism! I know I love it!

  2. WaffleAdmin says:


    Thanks so much for your comment, as I’m often learning things myself and appreciate input that helps to make this site a more informative resource for others.

    As this runs contrary to information I’ve come across (e.g., VegSource and the IVU), I’d appreciate any more specific information you come across on this, either from reputable sources or in your own research. This would include any specific vendors that have been confirmed as using/not using the animal derivatives that can be used. If such data show that this is a common practice that I’m not aware of, I’d then consider posting a more formal caveat on this site.

    The best advice I would have in the meantime would be to check with your specific source to confirm their processes, as is the case with sweeteners such as cane sugar.

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