VegMusic Fund: A Proposed Vegan & Vegetarian Music Fund

VegMusic Fund logo: for vegan and vegetarian musicFew parties or celebrations, vegan or otherwise, are complete without music. Music can connect people and other living things while conveying profound messages.

If The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook sells 25,000 new copies (all formats) by the end of May 2012, I’ll contribute $50,000 to support music that has vegan- or vegetarian-related themes, or that is produced by vegan or vegetarian artists. If we don’t hit this goal, I’ll still donate 20% of GVWC net proceeds over that same period.*

I’m not clear yet on what the exact product might be, e.g., a music competition, scholarship(s), or website that promotes vegan and vegetarian music. Nor do I know the best host organization. If unable to identify a suitable music-specific endeavor, I’ll contribute to an established vegan-related cause(s) with an international focus.

In the meantime, feel free to suggest any organizations or celebrities who may have an interest in something like this.

*We previously limited the contribution to a set amount for paperback and pdf formats only, but later realized this was confusing. Thus we’ve expanded it to all formats, using a percentage that roughly matches our pledge for books already sold.


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