National Waffle Day: Free Gifts to Celebrate

August 24, 2016

I’m quite grateful for the vegan waffle baking technology we have today. Flip irons, timers, and batter catch trays. Different shapes of grids: squares, circles, hearts, the Death Star and Darth Vader. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I’m still waiting for the Millennium Falcon…

Well, we might not have all of this today if it hadn’t been for Cornelius Swartwout. Or, at the very least, this technology could have been delayed in the U.S. for many more years. On August 24,1869, he applied for the first U.S. waffle maker patent. The rest, of course, is history.

It’s in Cornelius’ name that we celebrate National Waffle Day in the U.S. Yay!

This is not to be confused with the Swedish Våffeldagen on March 25. A secret waffl-luminati police force will come after you if you get them mixed up. I’m one of them.

Could you imagine where we’d be if we didn’t have modern-day waffle irons? We might be stuck in the pancake era. I mean, I still enjoy pancakes, just not quite as much.

Also, the Death Star isn’t flat. You need a bit of three-dimensionality there. A Death Star pancake? Yeah, I know. Sad to even consider.

Furthermore, how would we achieve those crispy outsides and soft, moist, airy insides, like you see in these waffles? There would probably be more waffle-related mishaps. Overly crispy ones, for example.

Instead of, “Ermegersh, a derlercious werffel!” there would be woeful cries of, “Ermegersh, thers crerspy werffel berked mer terth!”

So thank Cornelius that you don’t have to worry about berked terth when you eat a disk of doughy deliciousness. And that your Star Wars fantasies aren’t squished into total two-dimensionality.

In gratitude to him and to you, today I’ve posted a few fun freebies.

You can get The Vegan Waffle Party Primer, Part I, by joining our email list. It has 10 groovy vegan waffle recipes. That will also ensure that you get occasional updates regarding Global Vegan Waffle Party 10. Awesome, right?

Vegan Waffle Party Primer, Part I cover

You can get Part II of the primer by letting us know you’re hosting an event as part of the Global Vegan Waffle Party. It provides a range of tips on throwing a fun and memorable event. I want your gatherings to be amazing, and your taste buds to be delighted, whether it’s a full-on party or a small brunch.

Vegan Waffle Party Primer, Part II cover

In closing, please join the Isley Brothers and me in giving out a great big shout for the Swartwout! Just don’t try it with a mouth full of waffle. Especially if you’re also trying to dance.


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