Global Vegan Waffle Party 2016 Theme Announced: Interdependence

March 25, 2016

It’s almost waffle party season! Ooooh, yeeeah. The week of International Waffle Day, or Våffeldagen, as it’s called in Sweden, is a great time to start thinking about it.

This year’s Global Vegan Waffle Party theme is “Interdependence.”

In light of recent political dynamics, particularly the present polarization in the U.S., interdependence is an important thing to think about. It’s very easy to adopt an “us versus them” mentality, particularly when we feel strongly about issues. But, as cliched as it sounds to say, we’re all in this together. Polarizing energy mobilizes people in the shorter term, but it can erode social fabric over the longer term.

As you gather friends to enjoy delicious, nourishing food together, consider the many ways in which you’re interdependent. There are many ways to reflect upon this theme. A few examples:

  • Start with each other. How do you rely upon one another emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially, and otherwise?
  • Think about where the food ingredients came from, for the waffles, and for the various toppings. How many people, resources, and environments were required to create those ingredients?
  • Consider the electricity to run the waffle makers, or the infrastructure used for guests to get to your house.
  • Think about the ways in which all life is interdependent. What’s something simple and easy you can do each day to honor that? Or what’s something you’re already doing that you’d like to continue?
  • Use your creativity.

If you plan to host a waffle party, let us know via the short signup form or through a post on the Facebook Vegan Waffles page.

Go to the recently updated, even sexier recipe area of the site to pick out some delicious waffle and topping recipes.

Check out party host resources, and browse highlights of past waffle parties for creative ideas.

Have fun!

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