Happy Våffeldagen (International Waffle Day) 2014!

March 25, 2014

vegan waffles with cormeal rice and oatsI was quite excited to see all the results that popped up on a quick search for “International Waffle Day.” If you’ve been curious about this holiday, and wondering what all your friends, family, and neighbors are going totally wild about today, now you know. Look out for the crazy waffle mobs in the streets!

My suggestion is to stay inside and just enjoy some delicious homemade vegan waffles. Like the ones in the photo we made just a few days ago to celebrate. These were somewhat improvised, with a combination of cornmeal, rice flour, tapioca flour, oats, and banana. The syrup on top, courtesy of Meg, includes apricot and mango. Warm lighting courtesy of morning sunshine.

As you know, you can find plenty of delicious vegan waffle and topping recipes to help you celebrate on this site.

Oh, and it’s a perfect time to let us know if you plan to throw a waffle party this year!

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