Våffeldagen 2013 (International Waffle Day) is Upon Us!

March 25, 2013
Vegan Textured Rice Waffles, Sorbet, and Fresh Fruit
Vegan Textured Rice Waffles, Sorbet, & Fresh Fruit

International Waffle Day, March 25, stems from Våffeldagen, as the holiday is called in Sweden. It hasn’t yet caught on enough to motivate employers to give days off from work, airlines to offer discount Waffle Day travel, and the like, but it’s still a great excuse to break out one of your favorite vegan waffle recipes and concoct some deliciousness.

Speaking of Sweden, I just saw some Swedish pearled sugar in Ikea the other day, and that night I had tasty dreams of baking Belgian Liege-style yeast raised waffles.


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