Tulsa, OK Kicks Off May-June 2011 Vegan Waffle Party Season

May 11, 2011
Tulsa, OK 2011 vegan waffle party
Grabbing a last few bites of vegan waffles before heading out

The Vegetarian Society of Tulsa Meetup hosted the month’s first Global Vegan Waffle Party event on May 7. So I guess that means we’re now officially underway!

From Dedra, the organizer (center in photo):

“We had so much fun. Shanna made chocolate and regular waffles. I don’t remember what everyone made for toppings, but there was a great variety.

I made a recipe from your book but tweaked it a little. The Carob Halvah turned into Chocolate Halava by substituting cocoa powder for carob. I also made a batch without the chocolate, just tahini and agave. It tasted just like the candy Halava from my youth. Yum!!

I have attached photos from when we were leaving because we were too busy having fun while the party was on. We were really happy with the turnout and hope to do it again next year.”

As the season progresses, I look forward to hearing about other vegan waffle parties!

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