Global Vegan Waffle Party, Volume 1: The Inner Light Trilogy Released

March 3, 2011

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Volume 1: The Inner Light TrilogyFew things excite me as much as vegan waffle parties. One of them is creating music. I’ve been composing, in some form or another, since around age 5 or 6. However, this is the first album I’ve released in years, and the first “for sale” album I’ve ever done. While I knew I wouldn’t have time to complete a traditional-length album by March, I didn’t want that to stand in the way. So, I did a 3-song mini album. It includes the second piece heard on the Global Vegan Waffle Party Phenomenon video.

Check it out (the most detailed album description is on CDBaby):
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While the album is mostly instrumental, vocal samples emphasize a few key points: the importance of listening to our innermost spiritual and ethical compass, and the emergence of some profound energy shifts in awareness about our interconnectedness.

The first track was named because the Global Vegan Waffle Party video, featuring one of the tracks, was completed the evening before winter solstice—this serves as an analogy for moving into an era of increased enlightenment, following a more challenging period.

This initial album represents somewhat of a leap of faith for Jen and me. Completing some unfinished music has been one of my highest priorities for several years, and parenting was sooner on Jen’s time line. Ultimately, we realized that we both wouldn’t be happy until we were parenting and I was finally working on music again, so we’ve decided to be crazy and jump into both at once. This is even though a few areas like finances seemed less than ideal. On the same day I was uploading music to the internet for distribution, we got the call for our current (and very cool) foster daughter. So we took a few major steps toward dreams on the same day. Wish us luck, and if you enjoy what I’ve done so far, please spread the word. My present goal is to put out at least 20 songs over the next 3 years.

This album is dedicated to the very musical spirit of my Grandma W., who shared much inspiration with me and others before passing on 3/4/09. She didn’t play much techno/dance/trance, but she helped me to learn a few things I still use today.

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