Global Vegan Waffle Party 2011 Theme Revised–Vegan Waffles, Ice Cream, & Sorbet

February 17, 2011
Vegan Textured Rice Waffles, Sorbet, and Fresh Fruit
Vegan Textured Rice Waffles, Sorbet, & Fresh Fruit

This year’s suggested theme is “Vegan Waffles, Ice Cream, and Sorbet.” As always, there’s no requirement to follow the theme, or you can modify as you prefer. Please sign up to host and share/like/tell your friends. Also feel free to use the accompanying educational materials on Dylan, this year’s SpokesCow.

There are many reasons to celebrate vegan ice cream and sorbet alongside vegan waffles:

  • They go very well together.
  • All accommodate a range of toppings, providing both non-vegan and vegan guests with an easy way to contribute.
  • Vegan waffles alone show that foods heavy in cow’s milk, butter, and eggs don’t have to be so. Vegan ice cream and sorbet free us from additional animal-excreted product that nature intended for rapidly growing baby cows. (Better for us and the cows!)
  • Like waffles, ice cream and sorbet are familiar, fun, and delicious.
  • There are already several excellent vegan brands to support, made with a range of bases (soy, coconut, rice, hemp, almonds, natural fruit juices, and probably others).
  • For homemade vegan ice cream and sorbet, several cookbooks are available. While The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook has several vegan ice cream recipes, Vice Cream, Lick It!, The Vegan Scoop, and Á La Mode offer many more.
  • Alongside being a great house party theme, it offers another opportunity to involve and support vegan-friendly businesses. If your favorite café or restaurant already offers vegan waffles or ice cream, see if they’d consider offering both for a few days, and bring a bunch of your friends.

Please sign up to host and share/like/tell your friends.

Note: Sorbet is not the same as “sherbet,” which often contains cream.

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