A New Global Vegan Party? Your Input Sought

June 5, 2010

Global Vegan Waffle Party season isn’t over yet, and we’re still awaiting some highlights from other parties to post here. However, I didn’t want to waste momentum and interest on a related topic in the meantime.

Several people have asked about expanding the Global Vegan Waffle Party concept to a few other types of vegan food, to raise even more awareness. Thus, we seek your input.

My initial thoughts were something like this: “I really enjoy vegan waffle parties and plan to continue them. If we spread it to other kinds of food as well, then the Waffle Party might not be as ‘special’ anymore. It might somehow dilute the energy and actually result in less overall positive impact.” However, after more thinking, I realized:

  • Waffles have such a unique flavor and character that they’ll always be great for parties, and will always have an audience. But some people have other favorites.
  • Some great cookbooks, restaurants, and products out there could reach an even broader audience via one or two other types of parties.
  • A few other vegan foods are compatible with key party features, like allowing even guests with minimal vegan food knowledge to contribute by bringing toppings.

We need your input on whether you’d like to see another type of Global Vegan Party in addition to the Waffle Party, and if so, what type of food could be a foundation for it. I’ve set up a short survey, and appreciate your taking one to two minutes to complete it by June 14. Also feel free to pass it along to others.

A few important notes:

  • We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. While I’ll provide some web presence and materials to coordinate and catalyze things a bit, I’ll also seek relevant existing resources to leverage.
  • We’d like to keep this from competing in any way with some other vegetarian/vegan events that have started to go global recently. However, they seem different enough in nature so that this shouldn’t be an issue.

We’ll also be exploring potential ways to support related causes. Thanks for your input!

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