Global Vegan Waffle Party 2010: Report from Pittsburgh

June 2, 2010

We again had great fun with our vegan waffle party, with around 40 neighbors, friends, and Vegan Meetup Members bringing creative waffle toppings. The conversation was great, and individuals with a range of dietary preferences shared an abundance of vegan treats that all could enjoy.

eyeing waffle toppings 2
At points it was difficult to choose what to try next.

The array of vegan waffle toppings included the following: Agave-Coconut-Cinnamon-Date Topping, Apple Butter, Apple Cinnamon Raisin Topping, Beans ‘n’ Front-Yard-Garden Greens, Blueberry Sauce, Bruschetta, Carob Halvah Spread, Chocolate Cranberry Relish, Coconut Almond Granola, Dark Chocolate Waffle Syrup, Fitr Harr (spicy hot mushrooms), Fresh Strawberries and Pineapple, Fresh Walnuts, Hummus, Maple Nut Sludge, Mint Chocolate Chip “To Die For” Homemade Ice Cream, Mushroom Medley, Mushrooms with Squash, Papaya Cranberry Topping, Papaya Strawberry Fruit Salad, Raw Chocolate Agave Spread, Raw Strawberry Sauce, Savory Kalamata Sauce, Sesame Lime Yogurt Dip, Vegan Caramel Sauce, and several I’m probably forgetting because the topping labels went home with them.

crazy waffle toppings 2
Some crazy waffle topping combos resulted!

This year’s waffles included Molasses Yeast Feast Waffles, Buckwheat Barley Malt Waffles, and  gluten-free Zero Excuse Rice Coconut Waffles, served hot at two arrival times: 6 PM and 8 PM.

relaxing in living room
Some wafflers relaxed in the living room…

We continued some of last year’s practices to make the party more environmentally friendly, especially as it was connected to World Environment Day. This included utilizing recycled Preserve plates and cups, and setting up several labeled bins to simplify collection of used items.

waffles on patio
And some enjoyed the fresh evening air.

I love waffle parties, and I’m always honored that some of the coolest people in town choose to spend a few of their weekend hours with us. (Is it conceited to brag about your guests? Our guests are so great…)

What excited me even more was that 60+ hosts around the world signed up to spread positive energy and awareness further. They not only did that, but they opened up whole new possibilities. And I’m not exaggerating.

prepping waffle batter
A guest observes the art of waffle batter preparation.

Those who followed the original house party format generated some extremely creative and densely-topped waffles, a few of which have already appeared on the Facebook Vegan Waffles page.  Some incorporated specific topping themes. Several hosts aimed to draw larger crowds via outdoor or business-based venues, sometimes incorporating additional activities and attractions.

literature table
The educational literature table

A few events attracted local media attention, and some raised money for important causes. In other words, parties generated fun and awareness in several different ways. After receiving a few more highlights and photos, I’ll post more info on what other cities did, and links to blog posts on some of them. A few parties are still coming up!

jen cooks up leftover waffles
Jen later took over the waffle irons to bake leftover batter.

Even though the largest weekend of 2010 vegan waffle parties has passed, it’s certainly not too late to host one this year! If you’re hosting something later this June, please let us know. Alternately, join the occasional updates list and Facebook Vegan Waffles page to stay in the loop about future events.

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