2010 Global Vegan Waffle Party Photo Contest

May 27, 2010
vegan waffle toppings on table
My picture is okay, but you can do far better…

A picture is worth a thousand waffles! If you’re taking a few pictures at your upcoming party, or took some at your recent party, and believe it may be the best in one of the below categories, please post it or link to it at the Vegan Waffles Facebook page by June 14. Full-size image should be at least 400 x 400 pixels. If you’re not on Facebook, upload them to a publicly accessible album and send me the link through the contact form. Also include your city in the message body.

Note which category you believe it fits, and feel free to submit for up to three categories:

  • most toppings on one waffle (must still be edible—no wasting of food!)
  • most stylishly decorated waffle (color, texture, and physical arrangement will all be considered)
  • most people actively eating waffles in one picture
  • most enthusiastic-looking waffle baker (we’re looking for some action shots here!)
  • best expression that seems to say “Yum!” on the face of one or more people eating a waffle
  • best photo of an adorable kid eating a waffle
  • best illustration of teamwork/coordinated effort
  • most artfully decorated party atmosphere
  • most mind-blowing single topping brought by a guest (include a label describing it in the photo)
  • best illustration of environmental sustainability at a party
  • guest wearing the shirt with the coolest social consciousness statement
  • any made-up category not included here, that you’re pretty sure your picture would win

This is pretty informal with one or two of us doing the judging and no tangible prizes. (If someone donates a trip to the Bahamas, that will of course change things.) The huge award is that I’ll feature the winners in a post here, with credits to you  included in the text alongside your photo. I’ll interpret your photo submission as your indication that this is okay.  If there are any “ties” in a given category, I may post more than one.

A few suggestions and guidelines:

  • Consider limiting picture-taking to a few segments of the party, so your guests can relax most of the time.
  • Blur faces if you think any of your guests may object.
  • Please do not reproduce/submit anything that would constitute copyright infringement (e.g., images captured by your local media), but feel free to post links to any news stories about your event on the Facebook page.
  • This is common sense for most of us, but I’ll include it anyway: Photos with non-vegan items, inebriated-looking individuals, or anything you wouldn’t show your grandmother, boss, or a 5-year-old are best left in the personal photo collection.

Have fun!

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