Vegan Waffle Party 2009: Reports from Other Cities

June 19, 2009

While we cooked upĀ  delicious vegan waffle recipes with tons of toppings at our Pittsburgh party, a number of other cities also joined in on the festivities this year. A few reported back on the highlights.

Jen. C at Devious Soybeans* writes,

“The waffle party was a hit. There were 12 of us and we turned it into a brunch thing with mimosas. I made three different kinds of waffles: the yeast ones from your site, chocolate and banana nut.”

Below is a pic from Jen’s party, posted with her kind permission. They almost look too good to eat!

Vegan Waffles from Devious Soybeans Party
Vegan waffles from Devious Soybeans party

In Braddock, PA, Jeanine Hall and others held a “Delicious Donations” waffle fundraiser for artistic endeavors, including vegan waffles and toppings among their offerings. She sent a few pics of some very creative vegan waffles baked on a custom-made iron. The pictures were taken by Jenny Fremlin, and the waffle iron was created by Gavin Kenyon. I’m not sure that baking or eating vegan waffles makes me feel like a woman, but I would like to know how the iron was built! Very impressive.

Vegan waffle from a custom-build iron
Vegan waffle from a custom-build iron
Vegan waffle from a custom-built iron 2
Vegan waffle from a custom-built iron 2

Christine “Peanut” Vardaros again held a small but authentic Belgian waffle brunch, cooking up some tasty coconut waffles and using some fresh cherries from a backyard tree. If you’re connected with her on Facebook, she’s posted some pics on her page there. She noted, “I gave the leftovers to regular street waffle-eating Belgian relatives here and they all agreed that they were exactly like the street waffle style but much more tasty!”

Elaine Vigneault shared that she threw a small Las Vegas vegan pancake party with Diner Style Pancakes, posting both a pre-party vlog and some pancake pics.

Thanks to all those who reported on their gatherings, and I look forward to more fun in the future! Vegan waffle party wouldn’t exist without your participation.

*Jen originally linked to a fun post about the event on her blog, but the link no longer works.

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