Vegan Waffles: New Building Blocks of Democracy?

September 5, 2008

(If you’re looking for the registration page for the Pittsburgh October 5 party, it’s here.)

Everybody Eat Vegan Waffle PartyIn the worlds of politics and democracy, waffling can be a great thing! We’re still waffle-ironing out the details, but on Oct. 5,  we’re hosting a second 2008 waffle party here in the ‘Burgh. This is just after World Vegetarian Day on October 1, one month before the U.S. national elections, and one day before voter registration deadlines in Pennsylvania and a number of other states. This will be a fundraiser in collaboration with the Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania grassroots endeavor Everybody EAT, which supports voter engagement activities of Everybody VOTE and Pennsylvania Voice. The result: Everybody EAT Vegan Waffles! Half the proceeds will go directly to the Sierra Student Coalition, because we’d hope to see even more dialogue and collaboration between vegans/vegetarians and environmental advocates in the future.

So if you’re looking to promote a better world in multiple ways at once, this is a great time for a vegan waffle party!

If you live in Pennsylvania and want to host a waffle party fundraiser to support these civic participation endeavors sometime before November 4, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the appropriate people. I’d also love to include some info about your event on this site, and am happy to provide logistical suggestions if you need any.

If you live in another state, and take the initiative to support one of your local voter engagement endeavors with a waffle party (or even if you do it just in honor of World Vegetarian Day!), please let me know so we can mention your efforts on this site!

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