North American Vegetarian Society Conference–with Vegan Food

June 20, 2008

We’ve been to this before, and it’s very exciting! I realize this is very late notice if you don’t live near Johnstown, PA, but if you’ve never been to one, check out the Vegetarian Summerfest site. One of the nice things about it is that most (if not all) of the food they serve at the conference is vegan. They’ve even had a raw vegan bar the last few years–haven’t figured out a way to make raw vegan waffles, though! The speakers include animal rights activists, public health professionals, nutrition experts, etc., so you’re really able to pack in a lot of learning (and a lot of food!) over just a few days. We found it particularly useful when we were transitioning to our new lifestyles. Last year, for example, vegan Chef Ben’s informative session on the behavior of different flours, binders, etc., added to my knowledge base regarding baking ingredients for vegan waffles and similar vegan foods.

I’m very excited and honored to be speaking at Veggie Summerfest this year on a few topics connecting psychology to vegetarianism and veganism. If you plan to be around for the weekend portion, feel free to say hello! I’m likely to be wearing a bright yellow “expose your Authentic Side” t-shirt.

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