Final Countdown to Waffle Party 10, 5/24/08

May 21, 2008

Hi, all!

Whether you’re serving vegan waffles to a few dozen people in a cafe or just a good friend or two in your home, I wish you all happy vegan waffling this Saturday! If you’re not already on the waffle party host weblink list, let me know and I’ll put you on there. Thanks to those of you who recently provided updates.

We’re expecting a decent turnout here, even though the Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing the first game of a hockey finals series during our party. The waffles, however, will certainly not resemble pucks! Toppings to be brought range from vegan ambrosia to “swimming nuts” (nuts in syrup). We’re very excited, especially given that several of you in other cities will also be celebrating the same day!

Following your parties, I’d love to hear some of your highlights, such as what waffle recipes you used (I won’t be offended if it’s not from this site!), what your favorite/most popular toppings were, what the most bizarre toppings were, etc. Did you do anything really creative like vote on the best tasting/looking/smelling/most wearable toppings? What’s the oddest combination of toppings a guest tried on the same waffle?

After the festivities, if you’d like to send me one or two highlight photos from your party, I’ll pick and handful and post them here. Outside of that, I’m happy to put up links to your blog or photo album site for other visitors to check out. Of course, I’ll assume that you got permission from any guests whose faces appear in the photos. I usually take a few pics of the toppings people bring, and will probably put up a few of those.

Have fun!


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