VwaV Vegan Pumpkin Waffle Recipe Review

We’ve now made the pumpkin waffles from Vegan with a Vengeance (page 40, or also available at the PPK site) roughly 3 times, so I figured it’s time for a review.

These waffles have consistently ranked well on a number of dimensions. The combination of flavors/spices is great. They’re both moist and slightly fluffy on the inside, and the brown sugar alongside the pumpkin provides a slight carmelization to add the firmness on the outside. These are great for both breakfast or dessert, and the spice combination is aromatherapeutic (is that a word?).

I wasn’t quite as happy when we tried them at a friend’s house near Thanksgiving, but that was because their waffle iron doesn’t flip and isn’t as high-powered as what we’re accustomed to. They didn’t have the fluffiness on the inside and slight crispiness on the outside that I crave. I can’t emphasize this too much, though, because we’re the ones who bought that item for them from their wedding registry a few years ago!  However, the three other people present gobbled them right up, and I still enjoyed them.

I like them best with just a little bit of heated maple syrup, although we’ve also had them with some vanilla soy yogurt on top. I find that using freshly grated nutmeg makes a big difference over pre-grated. We do generally follow Isa’s suggestion for halving the recipe when baking them just for two of us, unless we want to freeze several for the upcoming week.

These are so tasty that you could almost eat them plain. I might try them with little or no brown sugar in the future, so that I can add a little more maple syrup without oversweetening them.

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