The Waffle Party Wall of Hosts

Many wonderful hosts around the globe have thrown waffle parties as part of our annual celebration. Will you join us in this deliciously fun and connective tradition?

To join the host team and add your event to the list for the current year below, just complete the brief sign-up form. After you submit the form, there may be a delay before your event shows up in the list below.

If you wish to attend an event someone else is hosting, please contact the host of that event directly.

Featured Waffle Party Hosts

While many names are listed below, each host has a unique story to tell. These individuals took the time to share a bit more about themselves, and why they’ve enjoyed hosting events.

2018 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2017 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2016 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2015 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2014 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2013 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2012 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

2011 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

Use the tabs below the list to switch between the list and map. The map may appear as a plain gray box for at least 20-30 seconds while it’s loading. Hosts may enter only their city or town, so map locations do not necessarily indicate exact addresses.

2010 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

Map of 2010 hosts

2009 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

Map of 2009 Hosts

  • Alisa F. at Go Dairy Free—Las Vegas, NV, US
  • Beer is Vegan—Durham, NC, US
  • Bridget C.—Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Christine “Peanut” Vardaros—Everberg, Belgium
  • Delicious Donations—Braddock, PA, US
  • Elaine “Vegangal” S.—London, ON, Canada
  • Fair Grounds Coffeehouse—Iowa City, IA, US
  • Jen at Devious Soy Beans—Berkeley, CA, US
  • Kathryn B.—Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Lou’s Vegan Pancake Wedding Breakfast—Charleston, SC, US
  • M.E. Matthews—Boston, MA, US
  • Mommy & Me Brunch at Belly Sprout—Fullerton, CA, US
  • Rachel C.—New Britain, CT, US
  • The Organic Sage—Hollywood, FL, US
  • The Vegan Challenge—Dayton, OH, US
  • Valerie S.—Maitland, FL, US

2008 Global Vegan Waffle Party Hosts

  • A Smexy Housewife—Harrisburg, PA, US
  • Brianna—Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Café Evolution—Florence, MA, US
  • Christine “Peanut” Vardaros—Everberg, Belgium
  • Crazy Dog Lady—Washington, DC, US
  • Fair Grounds Coffeehouse, Iowa City, IA, US
  • Freya Dinshah, American Vegan Society, Malaga, NJ, US
  • House of Pain Vegan Waffles—Montreal, Canada
  • Toontz at Okara Mountain—WI, US

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