Global Vegan Waffle Party VII (2014) Info Form

Global Vegan Waffle Party Collage 2b
Join the annual celebration that brings people together in a fun way while raising awareness about our food. While we will be throwing our own annual waffle party on May 17, and it’s fun to have a “cluster” of events April through June, we understand that life can be busy! So feel free to let us know if you plan to host a vegan waffle party this year, whatever the date!

This year’s theme is “Just Be Yourself.” In other words, use your creativity and have a theme or focus that’s authentically you.

Throwing a waffle party is as easy as inviting over a few friends, having them bring vegan toppings, and baking tasty vegan waffles. Or it can be a much larger event that happens to include vegan waffles. It’s up to you–just have fun!

If you’re hosting an event, or are pretty sure you are, let us know with the brief registration form below. Your event (excluding the first three fields) will appear on the 2014 event list. If you need to estimate any items, just fill it in and contact us with any updates later. Many resources are available under the “Vegan Waffle Parties” menu above. You can also let the world know about your party on the Facebook Vegan Waffles page.

If you have specific questions, please let me know through the contact page.