Vegan Party Music

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Vol 1: The Inner Light Trilogy

Over 15 minutes of 140 bpm animated and modulated bass lines, melodic synth leads, and occasional sweeping climaxes, interspersed with vocoded social consciousness themes. Morphs from a listening feel to a club-like feel over the three tracks.

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Global Vegan Waffle Party, Vol. 1--Inner Light Trilogy

While the album is mostly instrumental, vocal samples emphasize a few key points: the importance of listening to our innermost spiritual compass, and the emergence of some profound energy shifts in awareness about our interconnectedness.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Party Music”

  1. Woah! My friends and I just hosted an “Ugly-skirt-and-waffle party” a little while ago and it was a great hit. Obviously, since I had control of the waffle irons, I made them all vegan. I had no idea there were others in the world who enjoyed waffles the way my friends and I did! What a fantastic site, and thank you guys for existing!!!!! <3 Lisa

  2. Lisa,
    I guess if you’re wearing ugly skirts, then you don’t have to worry as much about getting waffle batter or toppings on your more attractive clothing. :) Very interesting idea, and thanks for the heads up! If you do this again in the future, please let me know so we can post a link to it.

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