The Vegan Chocolate Seduction Cookbook

Oooooh, yeeeeeah.

You know you want it.

This mouth-pampering vegan chocolate cookbook includes 25 dark, delicious chocolate recipes. And 20 of them are also gluten-free.

We’ve got several key bases of chocolate covered: vegan brownies, cookies, mug cake, ice cream, drinks, and rich no-bake desserts.

Experience the excitement of cocoa in combination with several of its soul mates, including warm ginger, classic peanut butter, and blackstrap molasses.

From the author of the award-winning Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook.


Note: Feeding chocolate to dogs may be hazardous to their health; model was selected for entertainment, cuteness, and skillful persuasion purposes only. Please consume your chocolate desserts responsibly.

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