Gluten-Free Vegan Waffle Brunch: An Easy Way to Warm Up a Winter Sunday

Few things warm up a cold winter day like a Sunday brunch of delicious gluten-free vegan waffles with fresh fruit, chia pudding, tofu scramble, and mimosas! I used the versatile, relatively easy recipe for Vegan Gluten-Free Textured Rice Waffles from The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. Megan (my girlfriend) kindly claims that they’re some of the best vegan […]

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2010 Season Begins in Athens, Greece

This year’s first reported vegan waffle party was catalyzed by enthusiastic vegan waffler Haroula G. and some of her students in Athens, Greece. And they really know how to pile many toppings onto a waffle. I wanted to pass this fun example along to provide some additional early inspiration. Toppings included “apricot, kiwi, hand made […]

Vegan Waffle Party 2008 Report: A Deliciously Excellent Time!

First, many thanks to those of you who also hosted waffle parties on the weekend of 5/24/08, creating the first-ever multi-city international vegan waffle party–or multi-city waffle party of any kind, for that matter! I enjoyed reading about your parties, toppings and recipes, and look forward to hearing more if you haven’t already posted. We’ve […]

Vegan Waffle & Topping Recipe Pairings from Saucy Vegetarian

I recently asked fellow Pittsburgher and vegan cookbook author Jo Stepaniak if she had any quick thoughts for possible pairings between Saucy Vegetarian topping recipes and Waffle Party waffle recipes. Even though several of the vegan cookbooks on our shelf offer excellent possibilities, I haven’t had the time to try many of them yet! While […]