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vegan waffle party guests pose for group photo

Vegan Waffle Party 2014 Highlights and Photos

This year’s vegan waffle party was a blast! Delicious vegan waffles and toppings were consumed by all. Our event in Portland was the second to incorporate a snuggle party, as described in last year’s highlights. This recipe for fun works well, as a comforting way to wind down from the sugar high and excitement of baking and eating tasty Belgian waffles, syrups, curries, fruit, and other culinary concoctions. Continue reading

Dallas Rising, vegan waffle party host

Featured Vegan Waffle Party Host: Dallas Rising

Today we profile  vegan waffle party host Dallas Rising.

Dallas Rising

As mentioned, alongside seeing the creativity others have used to throw a vegan waffle party, it’s fun to learn more about the hosts.  Perhaps it will inspire you to host a waffle party!

A social change agent on several levels, Dallas has catalyzed a Twin Cities vegan waffle party for several years now, and has provided many wonderful party photos. This includes some incredibly cute pics of kids eating vegan waffles that have helped to promote the event. And I have a strong hunch that her family members in the photo also enjoy eating vegan waffles!

Continue reading

Guests enjoy a waffle party

How to Throw a Waffle Party: Ideas for Any Budget or Space

Here are several valuable waffle party ideas I’ve learned over the years, hosting the longest-running annual party, and hearing from others who have thrown amazing events. These tips on how to make your own waffle party will help you to have a great time, even if you want it to be easy and inexpensive. I love hearing about how much fun others have hosting their own events! Continue reading