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Vegan Waffle Recipes Continue to Warm Tummies in the Off-Season

Vegan waffle parties often occur beyond the “peak” season of May. While only a portion of them come across my radar, I’m always excited to hear about them. And they always make me so hooongry.

Umami Mama Vegan Waffles by Melissa at Food and Loathing
Umami Mama Vegan Waffles with Savory Cashew-Mushroom Sauce. Photo by Melissa at Food and Loathing. Yummers!

Most recently, Melissa at Foodandloathing.com threw a mini vegan waffle party, and posted a wonderful photo of the Umami Mama Waffles (with the Savory Cashew-Mushroom Sauce) from The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. I’ve reposted it with her kind permission here. I am excited that she’s giving away a copy of the GVWC as part of a fun competition at her blog. So go check that out before the competition ends this weekend! Even if you don’t enter the competition, check out the rest of her groovy site with lots of great tongue-teasing food photos, useful ideas, and candid opinions. Continue reading