Waffle Maker Gift Cards and Vegan Cookbooks Giveaway for Party Hosts

If we have at least 25 Global Vegan Waffle Party 2012 hosts signed up by Friday, May 11, I’ll randomly select a winning host for each of the following three prizes. Hosts who have already signed up are included: $30 Amazon gift card to be used toward the waffle maker / waffle iron of your […]

Stealing a Kid’s Vegan Waffle for Waffle Day–and Two Party Reports

We would not be enjoying delicious vegan waffles today if it weren’t for the waffle iron, so those of us in the U.S. extend our annual thanks to Cornelius Swartwout for filing the first U.S. waffle iron patent. He’d likely be impressed with how far things have come since 1869. This day is also a […]

Hosting a Vegan Waffle Party if You Don’t Own a Waffle Maker

Perhaps you’d love to throw a vegan waffle party, but you don’t have a waffle iron, and you’re not serious enough about waffles to invest in one just yet. Or maybe you want an iron, but the budget’s tight at the moment. As the waffle party is intended to be a fun catalyst for positive […]

Eat Vegan Waffles and Shout “Wout!” for the First U.S. Waffle Maker Patent

While waffle irons may have existed in Europe for centuries before they were introduced in the U.S., Cornelius Swartwout patented the first U.S. waffle iron on August 24, 1869. This provided yet another continent with an alternative to the two-dimensional pancake. A number of websites refer to August 24 as “National Waffle Day” in the […]