Global Vegan Waffle Party 2013 Theme Announced: Connection

The 2013 suggested Global Vegan Waffle Party theme is “Connection.” While we’re deeply connected in many ways, to one another, to our environments, and to other forms of life, we sometimes lose sight of this. As always, there’s no requirement to follow the theme, or you can modify as you prefer. Please sign up to host […]

Highlights and Photos from 2012 Global Vegan Waffle Party

We had a lot of fun with our own vegan waffle party in Pittsburgh this year, and we were also excited to hear what others did with their events! Among the cities joining us this year, including several returning veterans, were Fort Ashby, WV, US; Seattle, WA, US; Berkeley, CA, US; Tempe, AZ, US; Guelph, […]

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2012 Theme Announced: Chocolate ‘n’ Cheeze!

The 2012 suggested Global Vegan Waffle Party theme is Chocolate ‘n’ Cheeze! Chocolate, of course, can include any sweet or savory waffle topping incorporating cocoa, ranging from fudge sauce to cocoa-infused chili or mole sauce. As for vegan cheese or cheeze, a range of commercial vegan cheese options are available, including a few that are […]

Early 2012 Global Vegan Waffle Party Signups Have Begun

I’d like to give a shout out to the first three hosts outside of Pittsburgh to let us know about their vegan waffle events this year: Fort Ashby, WV (Kerry S-D), Seattle, WA (Highway House), and Berkeley, CA (Karine B). I look forward to hearing more about them after they occur! It’s not too early […]

Highlights from 2011 Global Vegan Waffle Party: Several Cities

The May-June 2011 Global Vegan Waffle Party Season has already included celebrations in more than 20 cities worldwide. Wafflers gathered (or soon will gather) in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. I very much enjoyed getting updates and/or photos from several hosts, including Andrea in Boston, MA, Dallas in Minneapolis, […]

Highlights & Photos from Pittsburgh’s 2011 Vegan Waffle Party

While I’m always eagerly excited to hear about the fun and creativity of others’ waffle parties, our own annual event also continues to be a high point of our year. The basic house party format hasn’t changed much over time, outside of growing in size a bit. I enjoy the combination of serving freshly-baked food, […]

At Least 15 Global Vegan Waffle Parties Occurring This Weekend

Belgium, Canada, England, Japan, and the U.S. will be having vegan waffle parties going on this weekend, as part of Global Vegan Waffle Party IV. I’m looking very forward to hearing about them, getting some highlights and photos to share, and so on! Lots of fun. We’re excited to have some newcomers adding to the […]

Pittsburgh Neighborhood’s Skyline Goes Vegan May 22-29

A vegan message will grace the skyline of East Liberty in Pittsburgh May 22-29, 2011, when we rent the large billboard atop the roof of the Waffle Shop building. The message, featuring traditional Pittsburghese: GLOBAL VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY BE KIND BE HEALTHY REDD UP OUR PLANET N’AT “Redd up” means to clean up, and “n’at” […]

Four for Forty Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook Giveaway

As we’re already in the month of May, we need your help to push up host numbers rapidly. If at least 24 new parties are signed up by noon on Tuesday, May 10* (bringing the total to at least 40), I’ll give away 4 paperback copies of The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. All hosts signed […]

Meet Dylan, SpokesCow for Global Vegan Waffle Party IV

We wanted to add a face to the important issues that our celebration seeks to address, including the treatment of animals in the dairy, egg, and meat industries, and the connections between these industries that are not yet common public knowledge. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has kindly allowed one of their residents, Dylan, to serve […]

Vegan Cookbooks Receive Two of Top Three Awards

Today I was exceptionally excited to learn that The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Natural Cooking Category of the 2011 Living Now Book Awards. Another vegan cookbook, Benessere Well-Being: Vegan & Sugar-Free Eating For a Healthy Life-Style by Laurinda Erasmus, received the gold. Groovah. Vegan cookbooks rockin’ the top […]

The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Also Needs Your Support

I’m indebted to a number of people for inspiration and ideas for the Global Vegan Waffle Party. Among them is Gary Lowenthal, the largely unseen and unsung orchestrator of the  Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. In several ways, they are “sister events,” having grown up alongside one another over the last few years. The WVBS is […]

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Volume 1: The Inner Light Trilogy Released

Few things excite me as much as vegan waffle parties. One of them is creating music. I’ve been composing, in some form or another, since around age 5 or 6. However, this is the first album I’ve released in years, and the first “for sale” album I’ve ever done. While I knew I wouldn’t have […]