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Highlights and Photos from 2012 Global Vegan Waffle Party

We had a lot of fun with our own vegan waffle party in Pittsburgh this year, and we were also excited to hear what others did with their events!

Pittsburgh vegan waffle party 2012Among the cities joining us this year, including several returning veterans, were Fort Ashby, WV, US; Seattle, WA, US; Berkeley, CA, US; Tempe, AZ, US; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; Tavares, FL, US; Miami, FL, US; Boston, MA, US, Minneapolis/Twin Cities, MN, US; Staten Island, NY, US; Stoke-on-Kent, UK; Nottingham, UK; Herndon, VA, US. (Edit after original post: Washington, DC, US and a third (!) Seattle, WA, US host also joined us this year.) Continue reading

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2012 Theme Announced: Chocolate ‘n’ Cheeze!

The 2012 suggested Global Vegan Waffle Party theme is Chocolate ‘n’ Cheeze! Chocolate, of course, can include any sweet or savory waffle topping incorporating cocoa, ranging from fudge sauce to cocoa-infused chili or mole sauce. As for vegan cheese or cheeze, a range of commercial vegan cheese options are available, including a few that are quite meltable or spreadable. Homemade cheeze also presents an opportunity for creativity.

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2012

As always, there’s no requirement to follow the theme, or you can modify as you prefer. Please sign up to host and share/like/tell your friends. Continue reading

Early 2012 Global Vegan Waffle Party Signups Have Begun

I’d like to give a shout out to the first three hosts outside of Pittsburgh to let us know about their vegan waffle events this year: Fort Ashby, WV (Kerry S-D), Seattle, WA (Highway House), and Berkeley, CA (Karine B). I look forward to hearing more about them after they occur! It’s not too early to start planning yours, and feel free to mention it on the Vegan Waffles Facebook Page as well.