Logos, Banners, & Posters

If you’re creative, please have fun and design your own promotional materials. We welcome you to show them off on the Vegan Waffles Facebook page. We’ve posted a few samples, and you might even check out some of the designs at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (another great event to participate in) for inspiration. But in case you’re limited on time, we’ve designed a few versions of logos for you. You’re welcome to incorporate any of them into your own designs.

Global Vegan Waffle Party logo, 300×229, 72 dpi

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2016 logo

 Global Vegan Waffle Party logo, 600×458, 72 dpi

Global Vegan Waffle Party 2016 logo

Waffle globe with transparent background, 600×591, 300 dpi

Thumbnail not transparent, but full size is. Right-click and “open in new tab” to zoom to full size before saving. Thanks to Vance Lehmkuhl for this original element that has since seen many backgrounds.

Global Vegan Waffle Party waffle globe cutout 600x591

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