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Shrove Tuesday Pancakes: Bring in the Vegan Waffle Batter

Today presents a wonderful opportunity to use vegan waffle recipes. Yes, this is the day when many churches and households host their pre-Lent pancake feasts. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t vegan.  According to at least one historical account of Shrove Tuesday pancake feasts, this tradition began as a way of using up the perishable milk, butter and eggs that were forbidden during Lent.

From a vegan or total vegetarian perspective, having pancakes on Shrove or Fat Tuesday may seem paradoxical because, well, we have no milk, butter or eggs that will go bad. Of course, since the tradition already exists, it presents a good opportunity to improve the lives of our fellow creatures while many others are merely “shriving” or repenting for sins.

Most vegan waffle recipes can be converted to pancakes quite easily. Pancakes usually need less oil, so that can be reduced to 1 or 2 tablespoons. If the first pancake comes out too thick when using your favorite waffle batter, just add a little more soymilk or water to the mix. Outside of that, you should be pretty much set to go. (Because the waffle iron is less forgiving than the skillet, converting a pancake recipe to a waffle recipe is a bit trickier.)

If you’re feeling lucky or spend so much time in the kitchen that you can judge measurements with your eyes, you can follow Moby’s vegan pancakes method.

My personal favorite for cooking vegan pancakes is a well-seasoned iron skillet on a gas range; and I usually use vegan margarine rather than canola oil because I like the extra bit of saltiness.

When your pancakes are vegan, you can tell people you celebrate “Fat but Cholesterol Free Tuesday,” and grin as they roll their eyeballs. (If you’re vegan or vegetarian, it will make up for all those Fridays this time of year when you’re asked, “So fish is also considered meat?”)

Safest Investment for an Economic Recession–A Waffle Iron!

So you’ve heard all the investment experts providing a range of opinions regarding the economy lately. For months there has been talk of an economic meltdown in the U.S., and the markets in other countries have been impacted as well. The real estate market is lagging, a major bank is laying of thousands of people, and Presidential candidates are outlining their ideas in heated debates. Everyone seems to have a different idea as to how to deal with these turbulent times. What does one do?

Get out the waffle iron (or buy one if you don’t already have one), pick your favorite vegan waffle recipe, mix up some batter, and have a few friends over for tasty vegan waffles.

For several reasons, vegan waffle parties are a great activity for economic recessions:

  • Waffle ingredients are relatively inexpensive compared to many other foods–but they’re still nutritious and packed with energy! So they fit right into a thrifty recession budget.
  • Waffles are great comfort food–soothing the stomach during turbulent economic times.
  • Having people over is cheaper than going out to eat in general–again a good fit for the thrifty recession budget.
  • By promoting vegan food, you’re helping the global economy over the long term.
  • Waffle irons have a relatively certain return on investment (ROI), unlike many financial investments. You might occasionally buy a “dud” iron, but there aren’t many things to break on a waffle iron. In most cases, you’ll get dozens upon dozens of tasty waffles over the iron’s lifetime.

So regardless of what happens to the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ, and so on, enjoy your waffles!