Elephant seals love to snuggle at a vegan waffle party (Fotolia)

Snuggling & Vegan Food: A Recipe for a Delicious Party

What could be better than a gathering with delicious vegan food, wonderful people, and deeply engaging conversation? The same party with some snuggling! (Spoiler alert: new book and giveaway announced below.) When I moved to Portland, I discovered a community of long-established snugglers. While their practices initially seemed a bit odd to me, they ended up […]

Guests enjoy a waffle party

How to Throw a Waffle Party: Ideas for Any Budget or Space

Here are several valuable waffle party ideas I’ve learned over the years, hosting the longest-running annual party, and hearing from others who have thrown amazing events. These tips on how to make your own waffle party will help you to have a great time, even if you want it to be easy and inexpensive. I love hearing about […]

Gluten-Free Vegan Waffle Brunch: An Easy Way to Warm Up a Winter Sunday

Few things warm up a cold winter day like a Sunday brunch of delicious gluten-free vegan waffles with fresh fruit, chia pudding, tofu scramble, and mimosas! I used the versatile, relatively easy recipe for Vegan Gluten-Free Textured Rice Waffles from The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. Megan (my girlfriend) kindly claims that they’re some of the best vegan […]

Vegan Waffle Recipes: Ideas for Restaurant Owners, Chefs, & Entrepreneurs

Has a restaurant owner, chef, or entrepreneur ever asked you for vegan breakfast or brunch food ideas, including vegan waffle or pancake recipes? Are you a professional in the food service industry who sometimes seeks such recipes? Here I share with you a number of tips and waffle recipe recommendations. If you’re in the former […]

VegNews Vegan Chocolate & Vegan Cheese Guides

VegNews’ most recent newsletter includes two excellent resources for this year’s Global Vegan Waffle Party: The Guide to Vegan Chocolate, and The Guide to Vegan Cheese. They list a lot of options, so now you have no excuses. Only thing I’d add is Love Street Living Foods, a producer of delicious raw organic vegan chocolate […]

Applying a Vegan Waffle Party Approach to Other Food Events: Your Input

A few vegan waffle party guests and hosts have asked whether we’ve considered catalyzing other types of vegan food parties. This might include, for example, a Global Vegan Ice Cream Party, where guests bring a range of toppings for store-bought or homemade ice creams. Because of this, a few months back I sought input on […]

How to Throw a Successful Vegan Waffle Party: Hosts Share Their Wisdom

Earlier this year we posted a few brief surveys to gather important input on vegan waffle parties. In the first, we asked about the types of experiences Global Vegan Waffle Party hosts had had, including lessons learned, so that future events could be even more successful. Roughly 15% of hosts responded to the first survey, […]

Tips for Throwing Large Waffle Parties

I offer here suggestions for individuals and organizations  who wish to host relatively high-attendance vegan waffle parties. This is based upon several years of hosting house parties with around 40 guests over a 4- to 5-hour span, in a modestly-sized rowhouse. I decided to post this after a 2010 vegan waffle party host, Cruelty Free […]

Hosting a Vegan Waffle Party if You Don’t Own a Waffle Maker

Perhaps you’d love to throw a vegan waffle party, but you don’t have a waffle iron, and you’re not serious enough about waffles to invest in one just yet. Or maybe you want an iron, but the budget’s tight at the moment. As the waffle party is intended to be a fun catalyst for positive […]

Vegan Waffle Party 2009: Report from Pittsburgh

While the Multi-City Vegan Waffle Party is only in its second year, it’s hard to believe this was the 11th annual waffle party overall. And it once again, thanks to our guests and other hosting cities, it blew away our previous expectations. This year the multi-talented Vance Lehmkuhl at Vegcast.com interviewed me about vegan waffles […]