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VegNews Vegan Chocolate & Vegan Cheese Guides

VegNews’ most recent newsletter includes two excellent resources for this year’s Global Vegan Waffle Party: The Guide to Vegan Chocolate, and The Guide to Vegan Cheese. They list a lot of options, so now you have no excuses. :) Only thing I’d add is Love Street Living Foods, a producer of delicious raw organic vegan chocolate from our area.

Need Bacon with Your Vegan Waffle? Just Make a Daiya Vegan Bacon Patty

vegan Daiya bacon for your vegan waffleJust as most humans don’t crave flesh in its natural state as carnivores do, I never craved raw bacon. However, I did used to eat my share of it because the cooking process chemically transformed it into something that excited my taste buds. A waffle or pancake just didn’t seem complete without a side of bacon or sausage, and I also loved BLTs.

Of course, this was not great for the arteries, and not kind to the pigs, either. Nonetheless, there are a few flavors that for better or worse, simply don’t have a plant-based equivalent. Bacon seems to be one of them. This is why vegans hear so many bacon jokes. The thought of a bacon-free lifestyle may simply seem unimaginable to some.

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Vegan Pizza Waffles in Honor of Vegan Pizza Day

When I asked for feedback last year regarding other ideas for vegan food celebrations, the great ideas you mentioned included vegan pizza parties. As I noted, our current focus would remain on vegan waffle parties, ’cause there’s still much to do. Thus, I was excited to see that VegNews, vegan blogger Quarrygirl, and Chicago Soydairy have teamed up to promote a new day celebrating a specific vegan food: Vegan Pizza Day (Saturday, January 29).

vegan pizza waffles

vegan pizza waffles

What’s great about this event is that it encourages support of restaurants offering vegan options, and it meshes nicely with the already-established Vegan Drinks events.

To honor Vegan Pizza Day a week early, and to help them get the word out, today we ate vegan pizza waffles for lunch. Hopefully this also provides an idea for those of you who don’t have vegan pizza in your area yet.

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