Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge Vegan Ice Cream: A Great Summer Waffle Topping

I’ve enjoyed cool, delicious vegan ice cream on waffles a few times this summer. Recently, I made some homemade vegan ice cream for a potluck and it turned out particularly well–in terms of both flavor and appearance.

cashew-based peanut butter fudge vegan ice cream 1

Cashew-based peanut butter fudge vegan ice cream

It’s based upon the cashew-based chocolate ice cream recipe from Jeff Rogers’ Vice Cream: Gourmet Vegan Desserts. Before getting Vice Cream, I never would have considered making ice cream from cashews. Talk about decadent! For this dish, I basically made the recipe slightly less sweet and more chocolatey, and swirled in some natural peanut butter and dark chocolate fudge sauce (any chocolate sauce would work) just before putting it in the freezer to ripen. Continue reading