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A Vegan Waffle Recipe Alternative: Suprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix

Perhaps you’re in the mood for hot, homemade vegan Belgian waffles, but just don’t feel like whipping up your own batch of batter. And toaster waffles just aren’t cuttin’ it. No need to fret, as Isaac at Surprisingly Vegan has already done much of the work for you.

vegan waffles from surprisingly vegan waffle mix

Surprisingly Vegan’s just-add-water vegan waffle mix is also gluten-free, and is made with an interesting blend of delicious ingredients: oats, English walnuts, flaxseed, coconut palm nectar, salt, and vanilla bean. I really appreciate the relatively uncommon use of nutmeal in the mix, especially as I’ve had some success using almond meal in baked goods, including pancakes and microwave mug cakes. Continue reading

Vegan Waffle Recipe Roundup

gvwc sweet yeast-raised vegan wafflesHere I briefly review some cool vegan waffle recipes and concepts that have appeared elsewhere in recent months. I’m sure there are many more than this; feel free to add in the comments.

First, thanks to VegNews for recently spreading the love of vegan waffles to other occasions. Their most recent newsletter featured some yummy-looking Mexican Hot Chocolate Waffles for Cinco de Mayo. They appear to provide a different texture and experience than the Hot Chocolate Molasses Waffles and South of the Border Dark Chocolate Syrup,* because they creatively incorporate the cocoa via the syrup blended right into the waffles, and also utilize egg replacer powder. Thanks to Pittsburgh Vegan Meetup Member Rachel Z. for the heads up!

Continue reading

The First Vegan Waffle Brunch Customers: A Tasty Experience

A local Vegan Meetup member, Rachel Z., recently informed us that the new Juice Box Cafe would soon be offering Sunday and Tuesday brunches with vegan options, including vegan waffles. (Add emphatic echo and increased volume to “vegan waffles.”) So, of course, we had to go.

Juice Box colorful interior
Juice Box colorful interior

The experience was quite pleasant, starting with the brightly-colored walls and various large pictures of fruit, which literally make you feel like you’re inside a giant juice box. (Yeah, I know they’re probably actually white or silver on the inside, but allow your imagination to follow me here.) The staff, including Hillary (chef) and Jenna (juicemaker/server), were incredibly friendly and were genuinely interested in our input on the food. This was especially the case given that we happened to be their very first vegan waffle customers. Continue reading