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Gluten-Free Vegan Waffle Brunch: An Easy Way to Warm Up a Winter Sunday

vegan waffles with fresh fruit & tofu scramble 1Few things warm up a cold winter day like a Sunday brunch of delicious gluten-free vegan waffles with fresh fruit, chia pudding, tofu scramble, and mimosas!

I used the versatile, relatively easy recipe for Vegan Gluten-Free Textured Rice Waffles from The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook. Megan (my girlfriend) kindly claims that they’re some of the best vegan waffles she’s ever eaten, partially because she loves the texture of the whole grain teff. And, of course, the crispiness and sweetness. So she suggested these. Continue reading

Highlights and Photos from 2013 Global Vegan Waffle Party

Aside from the usual showcase of vegan waffle and topping recipes, this year’s vegan waffle party was noteworthy in that it was the first ever to incorporate a snuggle, defined at the bottom of this post. A great time with a group of warm and fun people!

The waffle-snuggle pairing worked pretty well, as many of us started to drift into temporary sugar comas following consumption of waffles and toppings. So getting mellow and snuggling was a perfect complement to dessert. It also aligned with this year’s optional theme, “Connection.” Continue reading