Vegan Cookbooks Receive Two of Top Three Awards

Living Now Book Award MedalToday I was exceptionally excited to learn that The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Natural Cooking Category of the 2011 Living Now Book Awards. Another vegan cookbook, Benessere Well-Being: Vegan & Sugar-Free Eating For a Healthy Life-Style by Laurinda Erasmus, received the gold.

Groovah. Vegan cookbooks rockin’ the top three.

I owe another huge thanks to all the recipe reviewers and people mentioned in the acknowledgments who provided inspiration, including Global Vegan Waffle Party hosts. The book was a ton of work, and your additional energy helped it over the finish line.

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Volume 1: The Inner Light Trilogy Released

Global Vegan Waffle Party, Volume 1: The Inner Light TrilogyFew things excite me as much as vegan waffle parties. One of them is creating music. I’ve been composing, in some form or another, since around age 5 or 6. However, this is the first album I’ve released in years, and the first “for sale” album I’ve ever done. While I knew I wouldn’t have time to complete a traditional-length album by March, I didn’t want that to stand in the way. So, I did a 3-song mini album. It includes the second piece heard on the Global Vegan Waffle Party Phenomenon video.

Check it out (the most detailed album description is on CDBaby):
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